Standard size - (1600mm x 1300mm)  or (1200mm x 900mm)

Position - (Front on) - (Side profile) - (head & shoulders) - (head only)

Colours - It is best to select a piece I have done prior in regards to colour choices. 

Lighting - What I look for in a photo is great lighting. I create my paintings based on darks and lights. I am always looking for good shadowing to form the face. This way I can give depth and dimension to the piece.

Facial expression - I feel the best painting of a person when the face is relaxed and expressionless. If supplying a photo a tip would be to look past the camera to avoid a look of staring.

How I paint - As I work in an impasto style, I don’t have an opportunity to make alterations. My works do take a bit of creative liberty so although the piece will look like the subject, it will not be a complete representation. It is best to have as much information up front.

Payment - To begin the commission a 50% deposit is required prior to starting. Once completed the total amount is required to be paid on delivery. 

Delivery - Delivered worldwide.